A MICROS+ central unit is installed in the main electrical cabinet. It has two AUTOBUS connections which can be extended to four. Multiple central units can be combined with up to 40 AUTOBUS connections of 1km bus length each. There are ‘no considerable limits’.

The central unit is configured using the PROSOFT-Suite. The MICROS+ contains full diagnostic functionality (via PROSOFT Suite), LAN/WAN and USB connection, event logging and much more (see data sheet and technical handbook for more informaition and details).

MICROS+ has 32 voltage free contact inputs, 24 power output contacts 10Amp/250V each and eight 0-10V analog outputs. It also has 2 analog inputs for TELETASK sensors. Communication between central unit and PC (PROSOFT Suite) can be realised trough a USB or Ethernet LAN/WAN connection. This last one is also very suitable for permanent connection with other systems like Teletask GUI (pc network with graphical interface), air conditioning systems, IP camera’s, IP-streaming audio systems, etc.

MICROS+ has 500 internal clocks for time-related actions... and much more. See the technical data sheet for more informpation.


dots Specifications
Order reference TDS10012
Max. number of AUTOBUSES 4
Max. number of linked DoIP central units 10
Relays (internal) 24
Dimmers (internal) 8
Digital inputs (internal) 32
TELETASK sensor inputs (internal) 2
Max. number of ‘Input’ + ‘Output’ interfaces on AUTOBUS 124 (4x31)
Max. number of total inputs (internal + extensions on AUTOBUS) 500
Max. number of total outputs (internal + extensions on AUTOBUS) 500
dots Download
Leaflet MICROS+
Datasheet TDS10012