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Welcome at TELETASK domotics online.

More than 30 years of experience in home automation.

Our aim is the improve comfort, security and energy management where it is needed the most, at home. Due to high level of integration and design our solutions are now also found in hotels, project development and company buildings.

Find out what you can integrate with the support of our system:

  • Lighting, including full-color control, power sockets
  • Curtains, sun blinds, shutters, gates 
  • Access control, security
  • Temperature control: heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Audio, video, TV, home theatre
  • Communication (door phone, cell phone, PC, internet)
  • Gardening sprinklers, fountains
  • ...

Today TELETASK is focusing on residential energy balancing algorithms. The Future Smart Grid (Europe’s 2020 target) and the growing market on electrical cars makes the international need for intelligent houses with intelligent energy management a necessity. Today, all TELETASK systems are ready for this challenging future.

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