Fluorescent Dimmer 8 x 1-10V (+ 8 x 10A contact)

The fluorescent dimmer interface has 8 analog 1-10V outputs to control dimmable fluorescent lights. The interface also provides the necessary 8 output contacts to switch the main power supply to the eight dimmed light units.

Using PROSOFT Suite V3.0 or higher, the analog outputs can be set as 0-10V outputs. In addition, the contact outputs can be used as standard output contacts, totally independent of the 0-10V outputs (this can be combined per group of four channels).

To supply the galvanic isolated output electronics, use a separated/ isolated 12V power supply (optional available ref. TDS10130).

The interface is DIN rail compatible.

dots Specifications
Order Reference TDS13610
Analogue outputs 8x 1-10V or 0-10V or standard output contacts
DIN-rail mounting 9 modules wide
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Datasheet TDS13610