Power Dimmer 4 x 1000VA (total max. 3000VA)

TELETASK offers a high quality leading-edge power dimmer at a competitive price. It features 4 channels, 1000VA each. Capable to dim both resistive as well as inductive loads, dimmable electronic transformers and all LED drivers dimmable by leading edge technology. 

This power dimmer is controlled by a 0-10V input. The TELETASK power dimmer is equipped with an emergency input, setting all channels to 100%. The casing, electronic layout and the wall mount construction assures optimal heat dissipation (equals long lifetime). 

The interface is DIN rail compatible. Alternatively, you can use an AUTOBUS power dimmer instead. There are PWM and universal FET dimmers available in two and four channels.




dots Specifications
Order Reference TDS13226
N° of channels 4
Voltage/frequency 230V/50Hz
Power 1000VA per channel
Max. total power 3000VA (all channels at 25°C)
Max. resistive load 1000VA max. (per channel)
Maximum load traditional cupper transformer 150VA max. (per channel)
Maximum load electronic transformer 250VA max. (per channel)
Fuses Build-in glass fuse 20mm/5A (each channel) + separated fuse to protect dimmer electronics
Dimensions 310W x 185H x 47D (mm)
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Datasheet TDS13226